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Why Clear Aligners?
Grants Pass, OR

man with clear aligners at Robinson Orthodontics in Grants Pass, ORThere are many adults out there who should have worn braces when they were younger, but for one reason or another, they never did. They now assume that they will have crooked teeth for the rest of their lives. That does not have to be the case. There are also plenty of adults who are correcting their smiles with braces. If your teeth need to be straightened, but you do not want to have a mouth that is full of metal, there could be another solution. Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we think that you should consider clear aligners such as Invisalign.

What Are Clear Aligners? Why Should You Consider Them?

Clear aligners are a way to achieve straight teeth and a beautiful smile, without having to wear traditional braces.

With clear aligners, you will wear a thin plastic shield on your teeth. It will gently use pressure to change your teeth and straighten them. It is the same thing that traditional metal braces do, except the clear aligners are not attached to your teeth.

The most popular benefit of clear aligners is the simple fact that they are clear. Since they are clear, they are virtually invisible. When you smile, people will still see your teeth. Your friends will not know that you are wearing clear aligners unless you decide to tell them.

Another benefit of clear aligners is that you will be able to take them off when you eat and also when you brush your teeth. This means that foods such as popcorn that are off limits because they get caught in traditional braces will not be off limits for you. You also will not need to learn how to brush differently, because you will take off your aligner and then brush like normal. Make sure that you put your aligner back on immediately after you are done. It needs to be worn for at least 22 hours per day for it to do its job.

Clean aligners have no wires. That means that you will not scratch the inside of your mouth and that it will not be painful when you eat.

Because you will take out your clear aligners on your own, there is no need to come to our office for tightening. You will simply replace one clear aligner with the next one about every two weeks. You will still need to come in for your regular checkups because we will want to see how your teeth are progressing, but that visit will be a lot easier than a visit where braces need to be tightened.

Clean aligners are not for everyone. They will not correct some problems that are more severe. They also are not for people who will take them out and forget to put them back in. Still, they have already offered countless adults a chance to straighten their teeth without it being obvious.

Read more about Clear Aligners vs. Braces.

Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we would love to give you more information. Call (541) 441-8288 to make an appointment to see whether or not you are a good candidate for clear aligners.

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Why Clear Aligners? | Robinson Orthodontics - Grants Pass, OR
If your teeth need to be straightened, here at Robinson Orthodontics, we think that you should consider clear aligners. Click here to learn more about your options!
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