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Orthodontic Treatments

Morgan, a patient at Robinson Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Braces are not just for preteens and teenagers. Often adults will have a bite problem or crooked teeth that were not corrected when they were younger. Teeth can also change when you are older, and something that was not a real problem when you were younger suddenly becomes more of an issue. If you would like to have a proper bite and straight teeth, we here at Robinson Orthodontics want to help. We treat many other adult patients, and we would like to see what we can do for you as well.

Early Orthodontics

When you think of someone who needs to see an orthodontist, you probably picture a teenager, or maybe a preteen. While many who are in middle or high school need to change their smiles, issues can start a lot earlier than that. Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we have some patients who are as young as six or seven years old. If your pediatric dentist has recommended that your young child come to see us for an appointment, remember that it is not uncommon. With some issues, the earlier we start treatment, the better the chance that your child will have a beautiful smile for his or her entire life.

Emergency Orthodontic Care

If you have a problem or require emergency care, do not hesitate to contact us here at Robinson Orthodontics immediately. We want to know what is going on, so do not hesitate to call. There are also some things that you can do yourself if there is an emergency with your braces.

Impacted Canines

When it comes to impacted teeth, you might automatically think about wisdom teeth. These molars are not needed, so if a wisdom tooth is impacted, we will just remove it. The same is not true for an impacted canine. Not only will you use your canines, if you are missing one it will change your overall appearance. That is why we will deal with an impacted canine in a different way than an impacted wisdom tooth.

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