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Teen Braces
Grants Pass, OR

a smiling teen boy with hidden braces from  Robinson Orthodontics in Grants Pass, ORHidden braces, also known as incognito braces or nano braces, are a kind of lingual braces that you wear behind your teeth. They are permanently attached to the back of your teeth using a dental adhesive. Hidden braces straighten teeth just like metal braces, but they are not visible to other people. This makes them a highly popular alternative to traditional braces, especially for teens and young adults.

How Do Hidden Braces Work?

The wires in hidden braces contain nickel titanium to hold their position, and we configure them robotically, so they correspond with each patient’s mouth. Once we fit the braces behind the patient’s teeth, the wires are activated by the patient’s body heat so they can shift the teeth into the desired positions.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

On average, metal braces take about 22 months to get the job done. Hidden braces, on the other hand, can reduce the treatment time to less than 12 months. Traditional braces require multiple return trips to the orthodontist for wire adjustment. However, since hidden braces don’t function that way, the number of dental visits necessary is reduced. Reduced treatment time and dental visits are some of the biggest advantages to hidden braces.

Can Anyone Get Hidden Braces?

Hidden braces are an excellent tooth-straightening method, but it isn’t the best choice for every single patient. The best candidates for hidden braces are adults and teenagers who have regular-sized teeth. If a patient has a deep, vertical overbite, then we may have trouble fitting the braces, however. Hidden braces typically don’t work well for children because baby teeth don’t fit the braces as well as permanent teeth do.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hidden Braces

Hidden braces have pros and cons when compared to other orthodontic options. The main advantage of hidden braces is that since they are inserted behind your teeth, most other people will not see them unless you tell them you have them. This is definitely an advantage, especially for teenagers, over traditional, and very noticeable, metal braces. With certain other teeth-straightening methods, such as clear aligners, you must take them out to clean them and brush the areas they covered. However, you won’t need to do this with hidden braces, as they are permanent.

Hidden braces are more comfortable to wear, as they are form-fitted for your teeth. Patients who pick this option also have reduced treatment times, since the braces are custom-fit and irremovable. They continually shape your teeth.

The downsides of hidden braces include increased prices, ineffectiveness in treating severe malocclusions, and ineligibility of children for this treatment. Hidden braces, along with all other kinds of braces, can result in minor mouth irritations. However, this condition is treatable with over-the-counter mouth sore rinses, which contain an alcohol-free formula that cleans and soothes irritations of that kind. This treatment works best for adults who only have minor orthodontic issues they want to be corrected.

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth but have misgivings about traditional metal braces, ask us about our hidden braces treatments. We can schedule a consultation to figure out what your options are.

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