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Teen Clear Aligners
Grants Pass, OR

Teen girl with glasses holding her clear aligners from Robinson Orthodontics in Grants Pass, OROrthodontics is the section of dentistry that focuses on effectively repositioning crooked teeth and misaligned jaw motion. This not only helps with restoring lost jaw function but also helps the outward appearance of the patient. Orthodontic assessments are recommended for any child seven years of age or older. These are done prior to the eruption of the patient’s adult teeth. Also, this is done to potentially avoid further complications which can occur once the teeth fully erupt.

Using traditional metal braces with brackets and wires that cause pain, and having to constantly come in for adjustments are no longer needed in the field of dentistry. Patients now have more options than ever. Patients now have an option to stick with traditional braces or to get clear aligners, which are nearly invisible. Clear aligners tend to be preferred, especially by teenagers and young adults, who don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of wearing metal brackets and wires. Treatment for traditional metal aligners is usually about two years.

For those patients weighing their options, they should come in for an evaluation at our Robinson Orthodontics office. We can provide you with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about your treatment. Come see us today.

Clear Aligners

Part of the sweeping new technology of orthodontics, clear aligners or treatment trays, has grown in popularity. With no wires or brackets to move the teeth, they simply use a variety of clear trays to put gentle pressure on the teeth in order to get them to move. They are non-invasive, invisible, and more comfortable than traditional braces. Every two weeks the trays are swapped out for new ones, each one getting the teeth to their final position.

They do not irritate the gums or cheeks the way traditional braces can. Aligners can easily be taken out to properly care for the teeth. Aligners should be worn for 22 hours a day, removed only while eating, and to brush and floss the teeth. Brushing and flossing is not a problem. Made of plastic, the aligners are flexible and will not damage the soft tissue of the mouth the way metal brackets and wires can. Brushing and flossing with traditional metal braces and wires covering the teeth is often difficult for patients, and this can result in poor oral hygiene.

While traditional metal braces can correct misalignment issues, overbites, underbites, and improper tooth spacing, the only downside to clear aligners is that they are intended only for minor alignment needs. If your teen has severe overcrowding of their teeth, clear aligners may not work and traditional metal braces may be needed.

If you have questions about clear aligners, braces, and your kids' or teenager's orthodontic needs, come see us at Robinson Orthodontics to find out more information. You can also schedule your appointment by calling (541) 441-8288. We are ready to help you today.

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Teen Clear Aligners | Robinson Orthodontics | Grants Pass, OR
If you have questions about clear aligners, braces, and your teenager’s orthodontic needs, come see us at Robinson Orthodontics today.
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