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Why Self-Ligating Braces?

smiling teen girls with braces from Grants Pass at Robinson Orthodontics You may have never heard of self ligating braces. If you need our services here at Robinson Orthodontics, make sure that you ask us about them. Damon braces are changing the way that many people have their teeth straightened. You may wonder why Damon braces could make more sense than other types of braces. Here are some of the many benefits.

Why Self-ligating Braces?

If you have never heard of self-ligating braces before, you might wonder what all of the hype is all about. Here are some of the reasons why self-ligating braces could be the best choice for you and your situation.

One of the main reasons why we might recommend self-ligating braces is that they are comfortable. There could still be a small amount of scratching inside your mouth when you first get them, but it is a lot less than with traditional metal braces. Once you are used to your self ligating braces, you might forget that you are wearing them.

It can be hard to keep your teeth clean with traditional metal braces. It will take a while to learn how to brush to keep food out of them. This is not a problem with self-ligating braces. Since there is so much less to them, brushing is easy.

The look of self-ligating braces is far better than the way that traditional metal braces look. You will have one strip of wire, and brackets that attach it to your teeth. They do not cover your entire tooth. Damon braces are placed on a spot on your teeth where they might not be noticed by many people. This one benefit can make a tremendous difference in your confidence.

If you are worried about the brackets being obvious, there is a solution for that as well. Damon Clear uses clear brackets, which are much less noticeable.

Self-ligating braces are also good at straightening everything from mild to severe cases. The same cannot be said for clear aligners, which will not be able to correct some of the more severe problems.

There are plenty of trips back to our office with traditional metal braces. With Damon braces, we will still want to check on your progress, but you will not need to come in as often because they will not need to be tightened.

Possibly the best reason of all to consider self-ligating braces is the amount of time that they take to straighten teeth. Traditional metal braces can take two years on average, which seems like a long time to a teenager. With self-ligating braces, that amount of time is cut drastically. They will usually take at least six months less than traditional braces.

With self-ligating braces, you can end up with a winning smile in a fraction of the time that it will take with traditional metal braces. They are more comfortable, plus they are less noticeable. Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we are thrilled with the results that self-ligating braces are providing. Our number is (541) 441-8288 if you would like to call and make an appointment.

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Here at Robinson Orthodontics, we are thrilled with the results that self-ligating braces are providing. Jot down our number if you would like to call and make an appointment with us today!
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